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The site relates mainly to the descendants of Pierre Adrien Chamier who were born with the name of Chamier and to the wives and husbands of those descendants. Pierre Adrien was a Protestant minister of religion in 16th century France.

Pierre Adrien Chamier’s descendants, some of whom emigrated to England towards the end of the 17th century as the result of religious persecution in France, are now found mainly in Britain and other Commonwealth countries such as Australia and South Africa. The Chamier name, however, also occurs for example in Germany and the United States of America; it seems possible that the majority of Chamiers in these countries have a separate origin and this website does not at present aim to cover them.

The Chamier family main page contains a list of the various Chamier topics on this site. These include a very short Chamier family history overview.

The Index of Chamier family members on this site contains the names of more than 250 people, each of whom has his or her own web page containing biographical details. With two exceptions, each person in the index is believed to have been born with the name of Chamier or to have married a person born with that name. Other lists on the site include a list of people with the Chamier surname, a list of surnames and a rather long (127Kb) Chamier family timeline.

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